Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hope - A Post by Swarnika Saxena

Hope which breaks you apart is the same Hope which glues your broken pieces back together.”😊 
All of us sometimes feel like quitting. Just giving up. Leaving everything aside and just running away to a quite place.
Find PEACE. 
Remain tension free and calm. Yes, that’s the time when you are at your worst. Even the tiniest bit of a thing makes you frustrated and agitated. -.-
That’s the time you need to understand that When goings get tough, the tough gets going.
 Locomotive Model

But wait,
Hold on, holding on to something is what that can pull you up. 
Have faith. 
The tiniest ray that gives you joy, this ray is HOPE. 💥
Idk why I’m writing this. But I’m pretty sure this will bring some positivity in you. 🌠
All I know is that a sincere hope from a kind heart never goes in vain. 
Yes, Good things take time. It will consume more of your strength. Will absorb your patience too. 
But believe in the power of believing. 🌞
If It is meant to come to you, it will come. And if not, Something bettEr will. 🌠
“Keep hoping.!” For that is what keeps you going on in the world which is waiting For you to give up.. 
And yes I hope you like it. 🙂 

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