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How to Launch Your Own Alibaba Dropship Business with AliDropship

Whether you’re a newcomer or you’ve been in the e-commerce space for a while, Dropshipping is the easiest business you can start online.

This is a form of retail where the reseller gets orders from customers and then transfers these to the manufacturer or supplier (usually another reseller), but the dropshipper (in this case, you, the reseller), doesn’t maintain any inventory – just sets the prices, and markets the goods.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t need any capital. When you get orders from your customers, the money they send to you won’t immediately reflect on your account (for safety reasons), so you have to pay for the order.

Dropshipping has a myriad of advantages such as low risks, high mobility which means you can run it from anywhere, unlimited scalability and profitability, plus it is easy to do alongside other activities.

The downside, however, is finding reliable suppliers, plus ensure your promotion strategy beats the high competition. Shipping and inventory management issues can also affect your customer service.

If you’ve been wondering how to launch your own Alibaba dropship business with AliDropship, we’ve created this simple guide just for you.

With Alidropship, resellers benefit from an automated solution for a successful dropshipping business with AliExpress. AliExpress dropshipping has a similar process to the traditional dropshipping model, but AliDropship employs specialist services with experience in software development, management, marketing, as well as dropshipping.

Thus, Alidropship has made Aliexpress as one of the easiest & best dropshippers around.

For anyone who is ready to launch his or her own Alibaba dropship webstore with AliDropship, it is now as simple as a stroke, as the team provides all the services you need plus a lifetime of support to ensure your success in the business.

The benefits of having your own dropshipping webstore include:

Full control of your product, store, pricing, and overall strategy

High income, as shoppers prefer buying from webstores so there’s a higher level of trust between you and your customers
No competition because no other sellers exist on your website so people make purchases from you
Additional value through great marketing strategies and customer service, hence building a trusted brand
Technical convenience because there is ease of communication, handling of orders, tracking deals, plus shoppers make quick purchases direct from your webstore
Detailed analytics on volume of orders, revenue, visitors, and other statistics, which help you track and make necessary adjustments to your store.
How to launch your Alibaba dropship business with AliDropship

Now that you know how dropshipping works, and what’s in it for you with AliDropship, here are six things you need to have before launching your own Alibaba dropship business with AliDropship:

A computer and stable internet

Market knowledge of dropshipping
Your niche
A domain name, hosting, website, and WordPress
AliDropship plugins
A solid strategy
Let’s look at each of these individually so you can get started today.

A computer and stable internet

Any online business requires a computer and stable/reliable internet connection to create, start, and run. You can choose to use a PC or laptop, plus another smart device for monitoring, but the most basic here is a computer, which is more convenient when it comes to managing your webstore. An internet connection helps you access your store anytime, including any email messages and social media conversations, to keep the communication and engagement between you and shoppers flowing.

Market knowledge of dropshipping

Having a good idea about dropshipping and how it works helps you feel more confident when starting your own dropship business with AliDropship.

It also makes it that much easier to launch, because setting out on a business venture that is unfamiliar leaves you confused and stressed. Among the things you need to know is how the platform works, as well as how orders, returns and refunds are managed.

Do you have a niche? In a world where everyone seems to be copying what the other is doing, you need a chosen niche that will rake in sales and profits for your dropship store.

Your products need to be related in one way or another, with consistency. Choose a niche you know very well, and that you’re a fan of, as this helps you sell in the best way possible. Also check your competition and that there are enough such items on AliExpress.

Focus on products with positive demand trends, which you can check on Google Trends site.

A domain name, hosting, website and WordPress

Now that you have a computer, stable internet, good knowledge of dropshipping and a niche, you’re ready to set up your webstore. For this, you’ll need a domain name that’s related to your niche or store, a pre-paid web hosting provider to activate your store so it can go live online, and a website.

The website can be turned to a fully-fledged dropshipping store, which you can create yourself, or order one custom built by dropshipping experts. A WordPress system is necessary to help you arrange your website, plus it’s really easy to use.

AliDropship plugins

An AliDropship plugin is a semi-automated solution you can use to add products, change prices, add descriptions, and import reviews, as well as transfer orders and view your store’s analytics. This plugin makes the dropshipping business enjoyable, and more convenient.

A solid strategy

Now that your webstore is ready, you need the products and a solid strategy to get them out and bring in the profits. Install AliDropship solutions on your website and import any items you like to your own webstore.

Develop a good pricing strategy that you feel will work with your target customer, and then use the right tools to reach your potential buyers and attract them to your site. You can even use ads on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram to market your store, or other free promotion strategies.

There you go! You’re now well on your way to launching your own Alibaba dropship business with AliDropship.
AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping


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