Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dr Narendra Modi - By Prakhar Maheshwari

Seems mah veins are in love with 18th, coincidentally, last entry in this virtual space of mine was on same date a month back. Anyways, my lethargy was again broken with some external force. Although I`m a bit late in commenting something on "NATIONAL FESTIVAL" named Narendra Modi , I finally wish to add few bytes to terabytes of data being created on social platforms and other media source :-) :-) by energized and over enthusiastic, "INDIA" and "BHARAT" .

Mah title seems a bit unjustified as we`ve never ever heard Mr. Modi by this name. But take mah words he himself doesn't know this.  ;-) ;-)

Let`s take a bit theoretical approach to this. We visit Dr. when we are ill, or something that wasn`t cured by our household lovely mamma`s or grandma`s so called "GHARELU ILAAAJ" and we visit Dr. to tell us our ailments to him, expects him to understand "US" and then give a cure for the same.

General elections 2014 made me realize this .Indians visited polling booth taking Mr. Modi as Dr. Modi who is looking at them, as if pressing switch in front of lotus (KAMAL) was synonym to their description of ailments . Mammoth number of seats they garnered with about 31% votes across country being conferred in their favor does itself tell a thousand tale.

Reading an ET report I could find ever since Dr. Modi was declared PM candidate FII inflows were as high as a lakh crore and as the D- day came closer SENSEX and NIFTY kissing new heights was itself symbolizing their mindset which says

                                 "ACCHE DIN AANE WALE HAIN"

 Such a victory wasn`t expected even to the " POLITICAL PANDITS" and "NEWS PANDITS" but somehow Dr. Modi has received these ailments and now is the uphill task to cure all these.

Even we people go to specialist for curing certain specific disease but INDIANS take Dr. Modi to cure all problems like financial, social , agricultural, developmental, industrial and the list continues.........!!!

 But somehow Dr Modi has already cured one disease names depression and converted it to "OPTIMISM" . After all, we voted him with an expectation that "ab th acche din shayad aa hi jayein"

Optimistic people tend to live around 10 years more then there depressed counterparts. So already Dr. Modi has increased our lives . ;-) ;-)

 So Dr. we are looking forward for your cure to our different disease. You don`t have magic wand to change country`s fortune but still with time we wish to see "SHINING INDIA" as you made Gujarat shine.

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