Tuesday, May 20, 2014

D Light - An Innovation of rural need is emerging as an Gifting Product

Are you going to celebrate birthday or anniversary of your dear ones. Present D light , an eye catching innovation , a solar light with a sleek and steady design. We are sure your friend and you both will like it. Here are some of the interesting facts about D Light.

D Lights social impact calculations are based on unit sales volumes to the developing world only, using conservative assumptions and the highest-quality available external research, such as from the United Nations and the International Finance Corporation. Specific inputs may evolve over time as more definitive data becomes available, in there efforts to improve the accuracy of these figures.  

Light Performance

The d.light S2 provides four hours of bright light on a full day’s charge and uses highly efficient LEDs. It provides a focused light that can be oriented in any direction, making it ideal for studying or working..

Solar and AC Charging

A highly efficient solar panel is conveniently integrated into the d.light S2 to make solar charging simple and easy. The S2 can also be charged from a USB source using the USB cable or a standard Nokia AC charger.


Product Functionality

The d.light S2 is highly efficient and easy to use. Its adjustable and detachable handle allows for flexible usage. The d.light S2 can easily orient toward the sun during the day and focus its light at night. The product can be carried, hung, or placed on any surface.

Product Benefits

The d.light S2 is designed as an ultra-affordable study lantern for young people with big dreams. By upgrading from a kerosene lamp to the d.light S2, students can double their study time which has a direct impact on grades and performance in school.

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