Thursday, March 6, 2014

Photography by Vishesh Malhotra

Vishesh Malhotra
We hereby introduce to you a teenager photographer "Vishesh Malhotra" from Gwalior. These days he is busy with writing a Novel "Mr Innocent" and giving his time to "Teenager Network" and his camera, In his own word

I was interested in photography since i was 10.In beginning i used to clicks photos of myself and friends..! suddenly i thought to make a page on Facebook named Vishesh photography and clicked photos of flowers,people,vehicles etc.One day i was picked my camera and went to terrace . and that time i was thinking what to click, suddenly I saw a labra dog who is my neighbors pet.i clicked clicked few pics of labra and surroundings...the very next day i uploaded my work on Facebook to my surprise i got response, my friends and relatives were responding positive by giving those photographs likes and,i continued Photography in the month of January where i got the chance get some nice clicks at Gwalior Trade Fair. 

Here i posted some photographs clicked by me, If you likes my work then i will be blessed to get you on my facebook Page  :)

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