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Bhind behind Screen - By Rupesh Upadhyay

Todays Bhind whose identity is of Guns and Docoits was not the same in ancient times. This region was pious and filled with the penance of Saints and wed chants. The history bhind is related to Era of “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata”.
The city Bhind was named after vimandaks apbhransh Sage named “Bhindi”.Burial of Saint Bhindi is located on the right side of Fort of Bhind and has the faith of the people of Bhind. Lankadheesh Ravana stayed in the Sage Bhindis Ashram while going to the swayamvar of Sita and the “Kuan of Ravan” is the symbol of that. According to the opinion of various peoples here ” Pandavas ” arrived here during there agyatwas ( time duration where peoples have to stay without there identity ). The actuality of this event is based on the opinion of Bhinds nearness to Chakarnagar a Tahsil In Etawah District of Uttar Pradesh where pandavas stayed during there agyatvaas.
The relics of gorgeous and pious temples of ancient Hindu and Jain henchman of Gupt ,Rajpoot and Mughal Period was found all over the bhind and which we are getting yet are the evidence of Bhinds relation with Saints , Sages and a prosperous region.Todays Bhind which is synonomous to terror was once a religious , pious and calm region.
Prithviraj Chauhan made his debut in this region for a battle with centurion Malkhaan of Chandel prince Parmardidev varman . Pratchviraj Chaunhan installed 100 shivlingas and statues of family of Lord Shiva and Gauri Saravar during that period.If he was able to establish one more Shivlinga here then this place will be a pilgrimage like bateshwar of Hindu Religion. Prithviraj Chauhan also established a mound of the tilage which came out during the excavation of ” Gauri Sarovar ” and established a security checkpoint on it ,later “Mevatis” ruled this check point , after them rulers of Bhadoria reign built it as a fortress to get secured from the apprehensive attacks from the Jaat Rulers of Gohad and also established a temple called “Gopal Mandir” for the worship done by their family. The marble statues of this temple are very attractive . The court hall “Darbaar Hall ” situated inside the fortress (presently a museum) as built up by Scindias later on. Its totally western style and all the buildings around are of same size.
Ater is situated 30 kms north west of the Bhinds district headquarters. Its ancient name ” Udaynagari ” was acquired from the records of Bhadoria rulers. During 1700 AD the Bhadoria rulers here was on there climax period but there rulers were never remained independent .Earlier they are subordinates of Mughals and Later they remain under Scindias. Discription of around 23 rulers of ater was found in various records , texts and other sources in which Ruler Badan Singh , Maha Singh , Jai SIngh , Anirudh Singh and Bukht Singh are noteworthy. Ater fortress was built by Ruler Badan Singh and major architectures are
Khooni Darwaja
Deewane Aam
Deewane Khaas
Hathiya paur
Raja rani ke bangle
Worship sites of ruler family
Ratiwas Chowk
The lattice of stones carved inside the fortress have their own artistic importance.Almost all the architecture fortress have impact of Mughal Style. Lattice are carved very closely and on the upper side of those lattices flowers are carved left right and inside and “Allah Taalaa ” is engraved in Arab Language. There for when the fortress was built it was kept in mind to make their Mughal Emperors happy.The construction of this fortress was started at 1701 AD by Maharaj Badane Singh and completed b Mahraja Mahasingh at 1725 AD.This fortress has total three inscriptions present.

Mahadwar – Peoples have belief about this door that on the day of Dushehra every year a goat was slaughtered and its blood was filled in a tank just above the door which drips drops by drop from a cell or opening. But it looks that due to the red color of this door the peoples have started calling it ” Khooni Darwaza “
Deewan-e-Aam – This part of the fortress was used during local gathering or celebration of community festivals. Scaffold of 4′x50′x80′ size is there for the sitting of the king and other prestigious peoples, a catacomb is also there just below the scaffold. On all the edges of scaffold flagstones are carved with beautiful shelfs for putting lamps in it and on the right side of scaffold there is a place to tie an elephant of the king with red stones.
Deewan-e-khaas – It has a beautiful garden and fountains with a octagon scaffold right in the middle with peices of octagonal marbles and red stones. A Mughal Style sitting place of the king on the south front of this scaffold at Deewan-e-Khaas.A temple is also there just at the right side of this scaffold. Just below the temple there is a bathroom of the queens having lattices for fresh air and light with mazes in which anyone can get lost in for playing and entertainment.Porches are there in front left and right side of this part.
Satkhanda – At the south of Deewan-e-Khaas seven floor septagonal building called “Satkhanda” of which two floors are catacomb and 5 floors are normal.From the top of “Satkhanda” building one can wach miles away from Ater. North part of this buliding was used as a security checkpost which is having an amazing look of the river also. Mortar including calmshell mixture is used at every floor of the building having its shine and whitish look same at present as in the past with red stone lattices.
Bungalow or King and Queen – From the second floor of satkhanda there is a passage to reach the bungalow of King and Queen . This bungalow is founded on the pillars with lattices to look out the nature from inside with a roof.Small rooms are located on both the sides of the porch which is build up of mortar mixed with clamshell. On the left side of the porch a lamp holder shelf with Lord Laxmi carved holding a elephant upside down by its tail. There carvings are the symbol of celebration of happiness after winning another state . This part of the building was used for fun during summers and rainy season. A flagstone of Maharaja Bakht Singh adorned with designation of “Maharajadhiraaj” of 1822AD is situated on the top of this building with Mohammad Ami who was perhaps the artisan of that time.

Alampur was built on the name of Alam Shah Pavar who came here as the governor of province. No one knows about the origin of the Alampur Fortress but we can make supposition according to its architecture that this must be built around 14-15th century.
There are two entrance one at East and other one at North,however the door at the east was the main entrance of the fortress and it seems that Door at the north was built later.The ramparts of the fortress are damaged at present but it can be supposed that the Fortress was very strong in the past.Shala bhavan inside the fortress which looks similar to darbaar is having cracks at many places but can be reinforced again after little maintenance. Currently a trust office is running at the second Building which is in nice condition and possibly this was the residence of the governor of the province.A Shrine and a Shiv temple is situated just in front of this building.
Every other building of this fortress got damaged and if no one pays concentration the remaining will also get damaged and we will loose one of our heritage again.
Chatri Alampur Of Malhar rao – This canopy is located on the left side of the entrance of Alampur in 1766 AD Malhar rao Holkar camped here during there battle with Jaat Rulers during which he died here and a Spectacular canopy was built here in his memory and its currently known as “Malhar Rao Holkar Chatrii “.Chatri is built on a 6ft high scaffold on the with a sanctorum in the middle and encompass path around it founded on the pillars. Nice carvings filled with colors are on the roof of the encompassing path and vines are carved on the walls of sanctorum inspired by Iranian Style. Carvings are also there on the balcony of the sanctorum (गर्भगृह) with sun on the middle of north,east and south while a tortoise on the west balcony. Sanctorium remain above the main peak which is oval in shape amra vase (आम्र कलश) at its top. Lot of other peaks are around the main peak.The sanctorum also has windows all around. The wall on the left side of canopy has statues of the ruling family with five panels of such. Some statues are also there on the walls of the canopy . At present a trust is looking after the Chatri.
The rule of Jaats started at Gohad in the reign of Sinhan Dev Pratham of Pachokhara . The independent authority of Jaat rulers on Gohad belongs to Sikandar Lodhi (1489-1517 AD) and Maansingh tomar of Gwalior. But the jaat rulers were very positive and gets supports from each and every one. Almost 15 rulers ruled from this dynasty in which noteworthy are Sinhan dev 2 , rana bheem singh , rana chatra singh . As per the tales of Jaagaa the fortress of Gohad was built by Sinhan Dev 2 around 16th century .

The main entrance door of Gohad is called Itayali Gate which is in good condition but the plaster from inside is almost damaged . The main Gate of Gohad fortress is called Sankal Darwaja (gate) which is the main gate to enter the gohad fort covered with a security wall.Old fort and new forrt both are inside the wall and in which tehsil office is running.
Old forts ramparts are damaged from many places and buildings ceiling is almost broken. We one can get only pillars and walls of the monument.For the greed of secret money many local peoples also excavated this fort and damaged this gohad fort from many places.Carvings on the arch doors of the Darbaar Hall is high class mixed with hindu and muslim cultures.For example scenery of Battle of Medhe on the top of the gate, foxes chasing reindeer , flagstones of vase on the pillars with creepers all over and a parrots bending and eating flowers , the figures of peacocks and swans are incredibly equivalent as excellent are the mosaics carved here.Even now flashes of these colors are safe and attractive. Sheesh mahal has excellent lime plaster on it with mirrors enclosed in it. After looking the paintings and carvings here it seems that during the climax of power the castle was glaring in the lavish and luxury of splendour and caliber.
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