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Aalekh- Leading to an Altruistic Union - By Akash Arora

सदा कलम ने ताकत दी है, बरछी तीर कटारों को |
कलम झूका सकती चरणों पर, तूफानी तलवारों को |
लेखक, कविगण और विचारक, सभी कलम के गुण गाते |
करती जब विद्रोह कलम तो, शासन तंत्र उखड़ जाते |
कलम उगलती अंगारे और, अमृत का रसपान कराती |

शक्ति कलम की इस धरती पर, अपना अभिनव रूप दिखाती |

  For many years, magazine has been an easy way to communicate your thoughts among the vernacular sects of the society, to provide an unmatched platform to the writers and to provide the readers with something magically different & trusted content. Kept on the center table or rag beside the sofa, magazines play a vital role in utilizing your free time. There are more than 50 colleges and 150 schools in Gwalior but none has a magazine dedicated only for the youth brigade, the most active and talented generation of city. There no such union which can be altruistic for society as well as for the young generation, which generally results in the transfer of talented minds from. They don’t find any such platform to showcase their talent in their own city. Another problem which we generally observe in youth is that we people seem to be a little distracted from the path of moral values and ‘Yuva-Giri’, we generally more on the ‘Yuva-Gardi- side. This degradation of youth of Gwalior was a clear indication that when nothing goes right, we should go left. So, we put forward our first step and Aalekh was born.

7 months of hard work on all the four sectors including the content, designing, marketing and finance, Aalekh got a tagline “Life in Pages” and was launched on 14th August 2013 by Sabhapati of Nagar Nigam, Mr. Brijendra Singh Jadon and President of GDA, Mr. Rakesh Jadon in an event “Ek Shaam Desh ke Naam”, usually organised on the eve of Independence day, every year. Many helping hands like Dr.Kumar Vishwas, Mrs.Alka Chaturvedi, Zonal Trainee, JCI India, Divine Indian Youth Association and Leo Club Gwalior Yuva extended their help to the team. Through Aalekh, our aim is to create a platform for the young citizens and to deliver valuable benefits and a positive readership among them. The team initially had 7 members, but surprisingly when the first issue was launched there were only 4 left. Akash Arora, Anadi Dwivedi, Ayush Jain and Ripul Agarwal – the four pillars of team Aalekh and only core members of team are now trying their best to make Aalekh a Grand success. 
  Aalekh has been devoted to churn out the best and the dynamic qualities of the students. Adding another feather in our caps, articles from various youth counselors and youth icons are included in the magazine. Keeping our spirits high and moving with vivacity to showcase one the best magazine of the city, AALEKH will be published quarterly. Through Aalekh, we not just enlighten the students, enhance their knowledge, increase awareness but would also make them familiar with the ambiance of other colleges. The magazine encompasses every topic from environment, sports and literary to technical, arts and a wide spectrum of formal information. For this, virtuous writers, innovators, designers from various eminent colleges have joined with us. Youth society of the city has taken this initiative with a main objective to bring out those technical talents who have a literary as well as innovative mind too. 
  Keeping our spirits high, 2nd Issue of Aalekh was inaugurated by Mrs. Sameeksha Gupta, Mayor, Gwalior.  This was again a great achievement for the team. This time the magazine contains articles from Mr.N.Raghuraman, who is the most famous critic and management guru of India. It also includes a message for youth from Mrs.S.B.Gita Narahari, who is the first lady of Gwalior and wife our very dedicated collector, Mr.P.Narahari.  Every issue of Aalekh contains a section “Goonj”, which is dedicated to women empowerment, and this time to make our readers aware about the actions and reactions of Gwalior Police, an interview of one of the dedicated TI Mrs. Ruchita Chaturvedi is added to the section. Dr.Kumar Vishwas, Mrs.Tina Olyai (Director, LAHS), Mrs. Rajeshwari Sawant (Principal, GGHS) have also appreciated the magazine and the team spirit of the young minds. Adding another feather to our caps, the magazine was now appreciated and re-launched by Mr.Narendra Singh Tomar (BJP President, M.P.) and Mr.Sartaj Singh (Public Works Minister, M.P.) in a Lohri  Fest organised by Punjabi Parishad of Gwalior. IAS Gaurav Kumar from Hardoi also appreciated the magazine. More feedbacks are still awaited. 
 Beside this, team Aalekh organised various workshops regarding photography too. Our upcoming workshop on php based web creation by Geeta Ma’am is going to be organised on 2nd of Feb ’14. For the respected readers of Gwalior, Aalekh is exclusively available at Kitab Ghar, Gwalior and also at other selected magazine stores, school libraries and college Nescafe parlors. 3rd issue of Aalekh will be launched in last week of March’14.  Articles and poems from the Youngistaan generation are invited for our website as well as for our magazine’s upcoming issue.

Team Aalekh is now looking forward for school and college ambassadors from all the high schools and colleges of city and new members of Aalekh Family. Moreover, to create a huge union in city we will be soon launching a major project namely “Srijan”. 

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