Friday, December 13, 2013

The Book - by Anmol Katare from Gwalior

Anmol Katare, born and brought up in Gwalior, is a Final Year Engineering student and pursuing Bachelor’s Degree from the same city. Apart from studies, he is a Photography Enthusiast and often attends some events, being a shutterbug. But the flair of writing brought him to this field. In the leisure time he spends most of his time while playing snooker and writing blogs. He is one of the youngest writers across the country and with his dedication towards the inscription, he wrote this book within seventy days, going through this phase of isolation personally.

The book has launched across the country and is available at Flipkart.Com. Get your copy soon to be a part of this new talent from Gwalior.
 "The story" involves the part of Betrayal, Messaging & Love in its content and has a uniqueness in its content that each chapter is followed by one to two page poetry, describing the theme of the chapters. The notes in the book are written directly from the bottom of the heart, pouring the deep feelings in the form of words.

Few questions that based on the theme.
                 "Everything happens for a good reason." Is this really true?
                 Have you ever been in love with someone you've never seen?
                 Is it worth to spend the whole day on messenger, while texting with some one.
                 Is it right that the person we think of, with the start and end of the day is either responsible for our happiness or pain?
                 Have you ever been the victim of an unrequited love?
                 Does long distance relationships really succeed?
                 Is it possible that a single smiley from the beloved can change our mood for the whole day?
                 Is this philosophy of "No regrets only lessons" does really work?
                 "I love you" does this phrase truly means to the people who say that or its just a phrase in this ERA?
                 Is it worth to forget all your friends before someone you love?
                 Billions of peoples and so billions of definition of this word "LOVE." So be a part and see what new definition this author has conveyed from his experience. Get this book to know that how a girl, who just once liked his status turned him into a writer, with an intense aftermath that he ends up writing this book in such short time.
Do we meet people by chance or by coincidence? Because...
Sometimes a coincidence changes everything around you,
                   but at the end, it’s your destiny that brings changes to life.
                         Because nothing likes coincidence, exist in this world.

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