Sunday, October 6, 2013

Elections and power of NOTA

Elections play a great role in Indian politics. As we are one of the biggest democracies in the world, it is our responsibility to enjoy this much sought after festival. The elections dates in Madhya Pradesh have been declared and with that all the parties have started making the tall claims. Both the BJP and the Congress is on the sticky wicket this time. Madhya Pradesh is a state known for people’s courage, uprightness and vigour. But the political parties of the state have never come in terms with their promises made to the people during last elections. People of the state will certainly ask these questions from their leaders who forget them after the elections and will come for their precious votes when only the election dates are declared.

Now, with the advent of NOTA (None of the Above) option in the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine), the people are getting more and more powerful. This will encourage 100 percent voting because earlier people did not want to participate because of the criminal background of all the contesting candidates.

Rights of the Voters:

1)   They must participate in the development of the nation by means of voting.

2)   They must check the background of the candidate because it will shape their future for the next five years.

3)   They must go press the button of NOTA if they don’t like the candidates.

4)   They must shed the vote bank voting pattern and must participate in the policies of the cleaner politics.

5)   They must go for voting and should not enjoy this day as a holiday.
right to reject gwalior

My suggestion to all the political parties will be:

1)   Please give tickets only to those candidates, who don’t have any criminal record and are ready to serve the nation and people.

2)   Giving tickets to the clean candidates will get them full support amongst the people.

3)   People and getting more and more aware day by day, so clean politics by your parties will give them confidence in the politics.

4)   It will also help in getting rid of the vote bank politics and they will not buy votes.

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