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Ustaad Hafiz Ali Khan

Ustaad Hafiz Ali Khan Sahib
Most famous Sarod player, Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan Sahib was amongst one of the top artists of the country. He was born in Gwalior in 1888. He got his education of Sarod vadan from his father Shri Nanne Khan. He got education of Hori, Dhrupad Pt. Ganeshi Lal Maharaj, 11th pedigree of Swami Maharaj Haridas Thakur r/o Mathura and Chukka ju and education of Sursingar was accorded by Akbar's Navaratan Mishri Singh Binkar's and Ustad vazeer Khan, ustad of nawab Rampur.

Sarod was brought into being tradition by his ancestors of Ustaad Hafiz Ali KHaan Sahab. "RABAB" is music instrument of Kabul in Afghanistan , which people used to play at the time of war. Over this Rode (TAANT) strings were fixed. In persian this "RABAB" is known as "SAROD". At present Sarod is modified version of RABAB. Ghulam Bandgar Khan of Kabul used to visit India for trade of Horses. Once he left the trade and became Resaledar in the army of Rewa Maharaj. His son Ghulam Ali Khan was having one small Rabab. He used to play it very nicely. On being pleased Rewa Mahara gave him education of Hori, Dhrupad etc. for 19 years and made him perfect and said that I have made your Sarod as Harp. Now you can roam throughout India.

Ghulam Ali Khan after living in Banda, Farkhabad and Lucknow for some time, he joined service of Darbar of Maharaja Daulat Rao Scindia for Rs. 500/-p. m. Ghulam Ali Khan had 4 Sons. Of them 1st Jamma Khan went to Kabul. Hussain Khan was sitar player of Gwalior Maharaja. Third son Surad Khan made important changes in Sarod. It is he who used steel sheet on Sarod. Fourth Son Nanne Khan was in service of Maharaj Gwalior. Nanne Khan used to practice Sarod for a very long time and in practice 3 tabla players men were changed but he used to carry on his practice. He did not sleep for twenty two years.

Balwant Rao Khani, Masoorkar vaidya, Balwant Rao puranik, Ram Bhau Puna wale were his disciples. Nanne Khan Sahib had 3 sons; his 3rd son Hafiz Ali Khan Sahib stretched music tradition to its highest glory. Being influenced by his ability late Maharaja Madho Rao Scindia placed him in the highest seat in his Darbar, that tradition was also followed by Maharaja Jiwaji Rao as well.

In year 1950 after being relieved from there he was appointed in Madhav Sangeet Mahavidhyalay. Padam Bhushan Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is the Youngest son of Hafiz Ali Khan Sahib who has glorified his name in the entire world. Ustad Hafiz ali khan sahib who has brought the name of Gwalior on the map of the World. On being influenced by his art he was honoured as AAFTAB-E-SAROD in the music conference of Bengal and Maharaja of Gwalior attributed him the title of "SANGEET RATNALANKAR".

After the establishment of SANGEET NATAK ACADEMY in the very 1st year he was honoured by the highest award by Dr. Radha Krishnan, honourable president of India of that time. He was also appointed as an Important member in Academy. In 1960 he was honoured with Padam Bhushan. In the decade of sixties the music of Ustaad Haafiz Ali KHaan was spread along India By Akashwani (Radio). He became very popular when added with Shri Parbat Singh Mridangacharya.

In the name of Hafiz Alio Khan Sahib a trust was formed in 1990 AD. for the development of music and its training in Gwalior and Delhi at the instance of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Sahib. The head quarter has been based in  Sarod Ghar Jiwaji Ganj, Lashkar. With the help of this trust the young artists /interested in music are being sufficiently benefited. Many well known personalities are members of this trust.

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