Monday, April 15, 2013

Young Photographer- Saksham Bhatnagar

Dear Readers, With immense pleasure, I would like to present to you our Guest Blogger – Saksham Bhatnagar. He is a technology Expert by Profession but carries passion for Creative Writing too. Extremely commendable work in Photography, he has captured some brilliant shots in his Page.

 He is an enthusiast who believes that the city of Gwalior has everything to be loved and can be netted  down with his beautiful photos. He is willing to explore more and more of this beautiful City to pen his experience down. Check Out Some Amazing photographs by Saksham of 2014 Gwalior Trade Fair.

Welcome Saksham !! We sincerely hope you will enjoy your Journey with Gwalior Plus. Over to Saksham now:

I have always loved taking Photographs. I started Photographing objects when I ws 16 with my Digital Camera and later this hobby was developed into a hard core PASSION.

It all started accidentally when I was trying to capture Sunset from Gwalior Fort and suddenly my Friend said  " You should not capture Sunset, else your future will be the same.. always setting down", I was so amazed by that and from that day I started capturing Sunsets as and when I got a chance. Gradually, I started taking pictures every now and then for everywhere I go and found this work really interesting. With time, I started Exploring Gwalior exclusively for photos and realized it has everything a photographer looks for in it. The monuments, people, streets, lifestyle, tradition and everything that Gwalior owns is just so beautiful to capture.

I use Nikon D3100 with three lenses usually i.e 18-55 mm, 50 mm and 70-300 mm. I think Photography is something that can bring "truth" out of the society, it is the best method to make people aware of the surroundings and current conditions.  I am also into Short Film making, and have made two short films as of yet. Both on social causes, they were "LOST- A movie on mental pressure growing on youth leading to suicide" and "AMANAT- A movie on Crime Against Women".

I have been receiving great support from the local people, they encourage me to move forward. I would like to Thank Gwalior Plus for choosing me for this Blog writing, and I am really looking forward for a long term relationship with them.

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