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Maharaja Madhav Rao Scindia-I

Maharaja Jayaji Rao was succeeded by his son Maharaja Madhav Rao ,then years of age .A council of Regency was appointed which administered the state till 1894 when the Maharaja took the reins of government in his own hands . the Maharaja devoted himself heart and soul to the thorough overhauling and reorgation of the state departments acquired by him during his period of training enabled him
to pick up flaws and remove then .

The reforms initiated and carried out during is regime are too numerous to mention . the following are amongst the most important:-
(1) separation of judicial and executive functions and the establishment of Punchayat Boards .    (2) Construction of huge irrigation works at a cost of nearly 2/1/2crores of rupees.
(3) Codification and enactment of laws,
(4) Establishment of representative institution such as the municipal bodies , Majlis-i-Quanun   and  local bodies such as district and Pargana  Boards and auqaf Committees.

His late Highness exercised a most careful scrutiny in to every branch of his Government . He was very much devoted to his people ; a just enlightened and liberal minded prince , beloved by all and honored as
a loyal and devoted colleague in the great work of strengthening and developing  the fabric of the Empire and good  Government.His services to the British Empire During the great War and at other times were timely and unique . as soon as the war broke out in 1914 and a clarion call summoned every unit Empire to depend it , the king Emperor . the offer was accepted and with men and money the Maharaja gave liberal aid. A Hospital ship Loyalty was put on service and a convalescent home about 235 lacs of rupees. Honours too numerous to mention were showered on him . The Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh conferred honorary doctorates while he was the first Pro-Chancellor of the Benares Hindu University .
In April 1925 Maharaja Madhav Rao Scindia sailed for England to do homage to the Emperor but his condition during the voyage become so bad that he was detained at Paris where after ailing for some weeks he passed away on the 5th of June .his Highness remains were cremated at Pere-La- Chaise and the ashes were brought over to Shivpuri ,

On Maharaja  Madhav Rao’s sad and premature demise his son George Jivaji Rao Scindia ,Than in His 9th years ,was proclaimed Maharaja of Gwalior , his accession ceremony was celebrated on the 27th Septembar 1925. the administration of the state is owing the Maharaja ‘s minority carried on as desired by the late maharaja as president and ten councilors  as members .the education of the young Maharaja is
looked after by a committee of councilors .

The full title of the rules is-
His highness Maharaja ,Mukhtar-ul-Mulk, Azim-ul-Iqtidar ,Rafi-ush-Shan
,WalaShikoh, Mohatasham-i-Dauran, Umdat-ul-Umra, Maharaja dhiraja,
Hisam –us-Saltanat, GEORGE JIVAJI RAO SCINDIA , Alijah Bahadur ,
Shrinath , Mansur-i-Zaman Fidwi-i-Hazrat-Malik-i-Muazzam –i-Rafi-ud
Darja –i-Ingllistan.

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