Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hazrat Mansoor Shah

Hazrat Mansoor Shah Sahib was the religious Guru of Scindia dynasty. He was basically a native of  Beed (Distt Aurangabad in Maharastra). Maratha Sardar Mahadji Scindia was badly wounded in battle with Ahmed shah Abdali at panipat and after his defeat he was not traceable. Scindia's wife who was native of Beed met Hazrat Mansoor Shah Sufi the Great saint of that time and prayed for the search of her missing husband. It is believed that He could be traced only by the blessings of Hazrat Mansoor shah .

After this Scindia used to keep visiting Mansoor Shah sahib and by his blessings Marathas Under leadership of Scindia aquired success in northern India. Mahadji Scindia invited Hazrat Mansoor Shah to Gwalior but being 85 years old at that time  he didnt accepted the invitation of Maharaja Mahadji Scindia.

But his son HABIB SHAH came to Gwalior who was bestowed with jagir by Scindia's. Even today personnel  Utensils, Choga, Khadao etc. used by Hazrat Mansoor Shah have been preserved safely in Gorkhi near Bada. "Urs" of  Hazrat Mansoor Shah is celebrated every year with great pomp and show by scindia royal family. At present MOHD.KHUSRO is the 8th pedigree of Mansoor Shah Sahib who is residing at campoo road of Gwalior city.

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  1. Assalam o Alaikum. I am Syed Ghazanfar Ali pirzada s/o Syed Yousuf Ali Pirzada(late) who is the son of Syed Karam Ali (late). And i am also the grandson of Hazrat Syed Mansoor Shah Sahib. I am the citizen Of Pakistan. Regards


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