Thursday, September 14, 2017

Few tips to turn your home cozy

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With the rains slashing down, terrace parties and barbeques have been swapped for get togethers at home and gossip sessions over hot pakodas and chai. With all this time spent indoors , you want your home to be a snug , comfortable haven that keeps the cold and damp out. Sounds good ? here's how you do it

Keep your feet warm with dhurries
 Indulge your love for walking barefoot, just don't do it on a cold , marble floor. Spread colored dhurries liberally through your room to keep the temperature warm, and to add some brightness to a rainy day.
Snuggly, Soft Cushions
 Curl up on the couch amidst soft cushions covered in beautiful fabrics with ethnic designs. Besides adding a touch of elegance to your interiors, they'll help drive the chill away of on a cold afternoon.
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Cover up with light sheets and spreads
 You may not want to hunker down under a heavy  blanket on movie night. Some light spreads draped over the back of your couch within easy reach make for a good way to keep warm.
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Try out some terra cotta
 Fill your home with decor in warm colour accents like deep, rich browns, maroon and red. Some well placed vases and candle-holders made of terracotta will give your home a soft, cosy vibe.
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Serve on woodenware
 Instead of using glass platters for your parties , take things down the rustic, warm route by choosing serving trays , ladles, platters and coasters made of wood.

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